Deli’s journey began in 1988 as a small plastics workshop in the outskirts of Ningbo, China. Over the last 28 years of providing quality products and services to our customers, Deli has grown to become the leading office supplies and stationery brand in China, and Asia’s largest stationery manufacturing base. With more than 7,000 employees worldwide, Deli has branch offices in Dubai, Moscow, Mumbai, and Tokyo.

Deli has a comprehensive product range covering a total of 12 categories and over 3000 SKUs. Deli’s key categories include: adhesive products, calculators, desktop office tools, filing products, student stationery, whiteboards, and writing instruments. Deli is a one-stop shopping solution for all office supplies.

Domestically, Deli is synonymous with stationery. Deli products can be found in over 50,000 retail locations throughout China – providing quality office and stationery solutions to millions of consumers.

Internationally, Deli products are exported to over 150 countries in five continents. From Seoul to Stockholm, from Moscow to Mumbai, and from Jakarta to Johannesburg, Deli’s global presence is rapidly expanding.

The manufacturing strengths and strategic advantages of Deli are unparalleled in the industry. With four industrial zones and 12 professional factories that cover nearly 600,000㎡, Deli maintains Asia’s largest stationery manufacturing base and provides a sound guarantee for independent operation and a cooperative product development. Deli completes the entire production process in-house. From the very first step of mold-making, to stamping, to injection molding, and finally to assembly, we ensure rigorous quality control procedures every step of the way, and provide our customers with a strong competitive pricing edge.

At Deli, we understand the importance of developing strategic business partnerships. We regard each and every client as a close partner. Our clients always come first, and we go to great lengths to fulfill that promise. We strive to serve our customers with integrity, professionalism, and quality. Let’s work together.

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